Meer oceanië

More Oceania at Wereldmuseum Leiden

After visiting A SEA OF ISLANDS, go to the first floor for lots more ‘Oceania’.

There you will find our permanent Oceania exhibit, featuring the best of our collection, with items collected over the course of three centuries.  

Australian art

The first floor also houses our ‘Australian Art – the Aboriginal Art Museum Collection’, featuring a selection of contemporary art from the collection of the former Aboriginal Art Museum in Utrecht.  

Australische kunst

Taco van der Eb

A photoreportage by Taco van der Eb on the first floor focuses on Papua. Van der Eb’s photographs highlight the plight of refugees from Indonesian Papua living just across the border in Papua New Guinea, as they try to defend their land and culture against Indonesian dominance, which often takes an aggressive form. 

collage Taco van der Eb
Fotocredit: Taco van der Eb

Esther Kokmeijer

Round off your journey through Oceania with a work by Esther Kokmeijer and wave scientist Gerbrand van Vledder on navigation techniques in the Marshall Islands: an impressive series of photographs and installations, some of which are on display at the museum.

Een zee van eilanden - Esther Kokmeijer