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Masks from the Dogon, royal bronzes from Benin and powerful statues: take a journey through Africa.

Step into the world of the Dogon with their impressive masks and statues. The Dogon region is one of Mali’s key tourist attractions. The masked dances are particularly popular. Masked dances traditionally accompany key Dogon rituals linked to death and are performed by the fellowship of the mask, of which only men can be members.

The world-famous Djenné mosque is one of the most impressive examples of adobe architecture and has rightly been included by UNESCO on its World Heritage List. You can view a detailed model here.

Masterpiece: golden pipe

Be sure not to miss this masterpiece: a golden pipe gifted to King William I in 1837 by the Assante of Ghana. Gold and silver pipes were a favourite gift of Ghanaian kings to dignitaries. Major-general Verveer accepted this pipe on behalf of the Dutch king. It was afforded a place in the Royal Rarities Cabinet, which was later incorporated into the ethnographic museum, Wereldmuseum Leiden.

Gouden tabakspijp

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