Oceanië - Bottled ocean

Bottled Ocean 2120

Recycled plastic

A SEA OF ISLANDS features plenty of contemporary art. ‘Bottled Ocean 2120’ by artist George Nuku is a real eye-catcher. The installation, made entirely of recycled plastic, expresses both hope and a warning for the future.

Artist George Nuku

The large art installation by George Nuku IN GALLERY 2 presents an imaginary world in the year 2120. The ice caps have melted and the planet has been inundated. Strange and enchantingly beautiful life forms have adapted to the ever-present plastic. 

“The issue of plastic bottles and trash as we all know is global and it is dire…. I am trying to create for myself an avenue to love this material…to have respect for it."

Nuku does this by regarding plastic as a noble material with unique properties.

george nuku

Collaboration with the public

BOTTLED OCEAN 2120 came about in a unique collaboration between the artist and the public. The project consisted of several phases, beginning with the collection of thousands of plastic bottles. In the next phase, they were cleaned by enthusiastic volunteers. Nuku then worked with both adults and children to transform the bottles into jellyfish, fish and coral.