The exhibition at a glance

The exhibition takes you from the outer fringes of the Aztec Empire into the inner sanctity of the Aztec capital: the sacred district and the Templo Mayor, the main Aztec pyramid.

The jump-off point is the introduction to AZTECS. What do we know about this ancient culture and how have we arrived at this knowledge, for instance. As part of the exhibition, you will also be encountering some Aztec descendants.

The next room is arguably the most awe-inspiring: a life-size 3-D print of the large Sun Stone sculpture. The theatrical presentation involving light and sound effects transports you back to the time when the sun and the moon were created, telling you all about the world of the Aztec gods.


The next section explores everyday life. With drawings from Aztec books, utensils and stories, you find out about the everyday lives of ‘the common people’. We also take time to consider the legacy of the Aztecs: food we continue to enjoy to this very day.

The next topic is ‘War and conquest’, This also takes a look at the strategy and major significance of the so-called tributary system, which explains how this system contributed to the huge wealth of the Aztec Empire and how it enabled the religious sacrificial practices we know existed.

The next room takes you right into the heart of the empire: the marvellous capital of Tenochtitlan. This is all about the Aztecs’ wondrous creation myth, the lifestyle of the wealthy and their rulers. You will find yourself marvelling at luxury items such as jewellery pieces, mirrors and a bird’s head mask with turquoise mosaics, all of which is presented in a suitably atmospheric setting.

Arriving in the last room takes you into the most sacred part of them all: the Templo Mayor. The impressive set of steps, the detailed scale model and the impressive sculptures of deities provide a unique insight into the principal seat of the empire.