Sunday Specials

In keeping with the exhibition, we are organising a series of nine Specials. Each of these Sundays has an afternoon programme involving an educational lecture, a creative workshop as well as a musical performance.

On the programme

The lectures, workshops and musical performances on the same day can be followed separately. The lectures and creative workshops are intended for adults.

Please note: the programme and scheduled times are subject to changes. The lectures and workshops will be held in Dutch.



12:00 - 13:00

Creative workshop

14:15 - 16:00

Musical performance

13:30 - 14:00

5 Sept Myths and rituals Stamping with Aztec symbols Musical performance
26 Sept Tenochtitlan: living in the lap of luxury  Decorating with feathers  Musical performance
31 Oct Communicating with the dead Decorating sugar skulls Musical performance
7 Nov Excavations Making an Aztec flute Musical performance
28 Nov The Aztec writing system Colours in Mesoamerica Musical performance
12 Dec Mayas, Incas and Aztecs Back to the source: Cocoa Musical performance
9 Jan Aztecs and Dutchmen Back to the source: Tortilla Musical performance
30 Jan The Solar Calendar Aztec calendar on amate paper Musical performance
13 Feb Pulque: the cactus drink steeped in tradition Fermenting Musical performance


About the musical performance

How music and dance started - An Aztec legend

With their performance, the duo of Edoardo Ramos and Osvaldo Padrón Pérez deliver an interpretation of an ancient Aztec legend. The story was recorded in the 16th century by Spanish missionary Fray Gerónimo de Mendieta who spent a big part of his life in Central America. With replicas of ancient instruments, the sumptuously attired storytellers takes the audience on a journey to ancient Mexico, in an interactive performance in which the members of the audience are both spectactors and participants.