Wereldmuseum Leiden, mission


Wherever they are in the world, people all face the same questions about life.

The answers they give to these questions vary and are often culturally determined. However, we are all bound by universal human emotions -  and the objects in our collection bear unique witness to this. Each of them tells a human story. 

About our mission

With overarching themes like love, mourning, celebration and conflict, they awaken our curiosity about the enormous cultural diversity that enriches the world. These authentic stories are the key to a world in which we are all linked to each other. By actively involving our visitors and stakeholders in collecting, interpreting and sharing these testimonies, we increase the understanding of these mutual bonds. This, in turn, allows us to inspire an open attitude to the world and to help shape a global community. This is our mission. We are a museum about people. Read more about the mission of the national museum of world cultures here.