Experience it yourself

Deshima Experience in the museum and at home

Find out more about the stories on the Keiga screen in the museum or at home with the Deshima Experience. You can even virtually put the screen in your own living room!

The Deshima Experience in the museum

Explore the Keiga screen by using your phone to search for the stories. 

The folding screen contains trigger points that link to interesting stories and facts.


The Deshima Experience at home (and everywhere)

Experience the story behind the Keiga screen by activating the information in an ultra-high-resolution digital image.

Augmented reality technology lets you place the screen wherever you want it, life-size and in 3D.

Open the digital experience

With your phone you scan the folding screen in his display case or the online image. The screen contains trigger points that open new content. This way you can explore the folding screen yourself.