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Exhibition Deshima Experience

In 2018, the National Museum of World Cultures acquired a folding screen painted by Japanese artist Kawahara Keiga. This unique screen depicts the bay of Nagasaki with the Dutch Deshima trading post at the centre. It was in poor condition, but after restoration, this masterpiece can now be admired at Museum Volkenkunde.  

And there’s more: the painting is extremely detailed and a mine of information about Nagasaki’s international port. That’s why we’ve built a web-based application packed with interesting stories: the Deshima Experience, accessible from home and at the museum. The app can be used on smartphones, tablets, or laptops and is equipped with augmented reality technology, allowing users to place the virtual screen anywhere. The various stories are linked to collection items, some of which can be viewed in 3D. 

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Deshima Experience in the museum and at home


A look behind the scenes of the Keiga folding screen

Press release: 23 September 2021

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