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Permanent exhibition


A range of remarkable objects and stories 

Follow in the footsteps of Snouck Hurgronje, the first European to photograph Mecca. The objects he collected offer a unique insight into 19th century daily life in this capital city of religion and Islamic place of pilgrimage.

Impressive statues, religious objects & musical instruments

Reflect on these religious objects from Tibet, such as the dance apron and the small bronze plaque studded with semi-precious stones depicting Buddha, or admire the jewellery from Turkmenistan. The undisputed highlight in this room is the impressive statue of the supreme Hindu god Brahma. He is hailed as the creator of the world and is also believed to have created the world’s first woman. A woman he couldn’t take his eyes off because she so entranced him. So as to never lose sight of her, Brahma gave himself four heads.

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