Lezing kaarten
16 april 2023

Lezing: Maps, navigating and manipulating

Why has a world cultures museum made a map exhibition? This talk will cover the motivation behind its creation and how the team collaborated to find the right path to make it relevant and suitable for the museum.

A large part of this process was to identify themes that best match the current directions and concerns of the institution. The speaker will illustrate this point by showing how, for example, the mechanisms and consequences of colonialism, and the resistance, persistence of colonised peoples, have been shown through works in the exhibition.

Dr Erna Lilje is Curator Indigenous Knowledge and Material Culture at NMVW and co-creator of the exhibition.

Let op: deze lezing wordt in het Engels gegeven.

Zondag 16 april | 14.00 - 15.00 uur | Na afloop is er gelegenheid om vragen te stellen | Gratis activiteit | Op basis van beschikbaarheid | Deze lezing is bedoeld voor voor volwassenen | Grote zaal