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Now on display - Until 29-10-2023

Animal Academy

The must-see family exposition

What if your teacher were an elephant? Or a leopard? At the AnimalAcademy you’ll experience it all. Twelve animals have their own classroom here. They teach you to look at the world from an animal’s point of view. And that is needed, because people have made a mess of things: they have put themselves above nature! That must be changed.

From the hammerhead shark to the dung beetle, all animals in the AnimalAcademy are giving us a serious lesson: people, make sure that we continue to live together on this planet. Each classroom is set up with objects and stories from people who live with the animal. They show that things can be done differently.

The animals prefer to act rather than talk. So, sitting still is not in the picture. Hide yourself like a leopard. Cry along with a pack of wolves. Dance a duet with the crane. Crawl over the ice like a polar bear. That requires perseverance!


The arrival of the elephant


Mr Polar Bear



For the names of those who contributed to this exhibition, please see the Credits.