MuseumMaatje - Museum Volkenkunde
Permanent activity


Wereldmuseum Amsterdam, Wereldmuseum Leiden and Wereldmuseum Rotterdam offer free museum entrance to newcomers

The opportunity to share the experience of beautiful objects together and thereby talk about the similarities of and differences between cultures: that's what Wereldmuseum Amsterdam, Wereldmuseum Leiden and Wereldmuseum Rotterdam aim to provide with the MuseumMaatje voucher. Refugees, volunteers, language coaches, language partners and mentors can visit all three museums for free.

Connecting people

The three museums invite people who have been forced to flee their countries and the volunteers who coach them to tell each other their own stories or simply enjoy the beautiful objects in the museums. The museums display objects from all over the world, each of which recounts a human story. Stories about universal human themes including, amongst others, mourning, celebration, decoration, praying and fighting.

Visiting the museums together for free. Interested?

Do you have contact with a newcomer and would like to visit the museum together? Or are you a newcomer yourself and would like to bring your Dutch friends to one or all of the museums? If so, please fill in the form below.

Due to the large interest this is the fastest way that we can process your request. After filling in this form you will get the vouchers sent to you or we will get into contact with you.

* Vouchers that have expired can still be used to visit the museum.

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