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Below you find our press media. Highres images are downloadable and free of rights, in case the museum name and context are mentioned.

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First Americans, mural. Photo: Museum Volkenkunde

Malick Welli; Untitled 1, Idol series; 2017-2021; © Studio 38C

Bluebirds and a boy at the opening of the Animal Academy. Photo: Peter Hilz

Persfoto_In Schitterend Licht [credit Aad Hoogendoorn] (6)

Campaign image Aztecs exhibition Museum Volkenkunde.

Visitors in Miss Ant's Room. Photo: Peter Hilz

Sailing in the waka during the Maori Weekend. Photo: Kirsten van Santen.

Mariam Abouzid Souali; Dream of Restitution; 2023; © Gregory Copitet

Exhibition Australian art. Photo: Peter Hilz

Outdoor Signs Animal Academy. Photo: Peter Hilz

Wereldmuseum Leiden building. Photo: Wereldmuseum Leiden.