Press release:

Museum Volkenkunde presents: Animal Academy

This exciting new family exhibition opens its doors on 25 June 2022

What if your teacher were an elephant? Or your tutor a leopard? Find out what would happen at the Animal Academy in Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden. Twelve animals are in charge of their own classrooms there. They teach families to look at the world from the animal point of view. That is badly needed because people have made a mess of things: they have put themselves above nature! Things have to change.

From the hammerhead shark to the dung beetle, all of the animals at the Animal Academy have an important lesson to teach: ‘Humans, let’s make sure that all of us on this planet survive. Without us, you won’t make it.’ Every classroom has been decorated with objects and stories about people living with animals. They show how things can be done differently.

The animals themselves are not about words but about actions. So, sitting back is not an option. Hide like a leopard. Howl with the wolves. Dance a duet with the crane. Slide on the ice like a polar bear. Step in and step up!

Have you completed the lessons and assignments? Then you can have your picture taken with the team of teachers under the condor’s watchful eyes.

Animal Academy, from 25 June 2022, Museum Volkenkunde, 6+ 


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