Families and children

Activities for young and old

The exhibition also includes lots of activities for families and children, of course. Some are continuous, while others take place only on certain days and at certain times.

Every Sunday

Every Sunday, there is a creative activity in the Atelier.


Power tour
Get your special ‘power tour’ guide at the ticket desk. As you go round A SEA OF ISLANDS you will come across activity sheets with details of tasks you need to perform along the way. Keep the sheets and make your own booklet. Once you have completed all the tasks, collect your tattoo sticker at the ticket desk.


Your own navigation chart
The islanders of Oceania had an incredibly ingenious navigation system. They would use bamboo sticks, twine and shells to make a ‘chart’ of the surrounding area. Only a small group of people would be able to read the chart and identify the ocean currents, islands and swell patterns it showed. When you have been round the exhibition, make your own navigation chart in the workshop.

School holidays

Enjoy the best day of your holiday at Museum Volkenkunde! We offer a varied programme of activities based on our current temporary exhibition in the school holidays.

Fancy trying out some new dance moves? Come and learn a Hawaiian dance or the Maori Haka at the museum. And if you prefer rolling up your sleeves and getting busy, why not come and make your own navigation chart? Real detectives will enjoy finding all the bits of our ‘power tour’. Need a rest after all that activity? Come and listen to exciting, moving and heartwarming stories among the exhibits.