Australische kunst
Permanent exhibition

Australian art

Contemporary works of Aboriginal art are on display, including the characteristic motifs with dots and lines and the pallet of warm, earthy and ochre-coloured tints. A few sculptures and baskets are also displayed.

The Dream
To understand these works of art and not just admire them, you must know something about Aboriginal culture and the important concept of ‘The Dream’. The Dream is the blueprint for life. Everything you must know about the past to be able to live today and have a successful future is included in The Dream. This not only creates a bond between different Aboriginal communities but also with heaven and earth, flora and fauna and the landscape. The Dream is a frequently recurring theme in the various expressions of art. Many paintings are a sort of map, often with the perspective from above, a so-called bird’s eye view. Other important themes in Aboriginal art are history, colonial history in particular, and contemporary affairs.

The Stichting Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen (National Museum for World Cultures Foundation) intends to continue the collaboration with the Australian National Gallery, which was initiated by the Aboriginal Art Museum. This includes a plan for a work placement for an Aboriginal curator every two years here. There is also a generous policy on loans for this collection.